This page is dedicated to the  process I went through. These are all real stories as I remember them during my experience. The scary, the funny and the well just strange along with some are old writings and letters from jail. 

I hope you enjoy them. 

The thoughts may not be exactly the same for every addict out there but I am sure that the battles we go through are very similar. Both during and after. My hope is that the light shed here may enlighten those who have been blessed enough not to go this road, and may also have a glimpse into the life of an addict's world.  

My last shot of crack happened in the Tampa Airport. Thisstory signifies the end of who I was, and the beginning of who I was to become.

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The mysteries of meth and masquerades  is a memory I recorded while in rehab. The twilight of my life I guess you could say. The story is the beginning of a night where I swore my wife had been abducted and replaced by an underground sex trafficking ring.

The robotic frog was real is the 2nd part of "the mysteries of meth and masquerades." From a robotic frog thrown from a mystery van, to a man transmuted into the form of foliage guarding a building, this nights lesson was one of direction.

It was my fault she was addicted at birth is a short story on the lessons learned from reflecting on my daughter being born addicted to heroin.

Broken femur, Tramadol and a notebook is a reflection on a journal entry I wrote some time in summer of 2015. I was healing from being broken, as you will see, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. Depression and racing thoughts are debilitating. It can be liberating after deliberating over them. What can we learn from them? 

The Detox takes place from my arrest in the Columbus, Ohio Airport and into my time in jail. After reflecting on The Architect's Design of my life I discovered three actions and three necessities that were required of me to pass the lesson of life that was prepared for me. 

The Vision of who I wasn't takes place in jail. During my las visit to the clink I found myself questioning who I was. I no longer identified as someone who uses drugs, I didn't want to talk about them or chase them anymore. My identity was vacant. All I knew was who I wasn't, and at the time is was just what I needed.

Truth found in incarceration was written as I looked into the past to see what I did to get me where I am today. What did I do differently THIS time in jail and rehab that has kept me on this upward spiral to the joy I feel today. The answer is the honesty I had with myself and the curiosity I let lead me to anything other than drugs. 

The first death of a wife is a story that takes place in the midst of the madness of bath salts. My wife dies. More real than you can imagine. Even today my reality is effected by this trauma.

Ah...I get it now is about those moments that we grow from the juvenile definitions of words, and into the mature and deeper concepts they hold. When we once thought we knew it all, now we realize that we really know so little.

3 Benefits of reflection after heroin is a blog about one of the most effective tactics I use currently to help me remain clean and some of the benefits that this habit reaps.  

5 reasons why exercise is a necessity in recovery. Once we have decided to remove ourselves from a destructive relationship or habit, we are left with a void. If we aren't careful this hole will mole deeper into our soul. Often the stress is higher than before. We've stepped onto the floor of uncertainty. 

Is this a disease or not is a reflection on a journal entry I wrote after a friend was going through a hard time. It isn't an argument at all. It's a new perspective which states that we are gifted and just haven't learned to use our gifts yet.  


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