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How to be remembered.

I remember the day and place I first heard this scripture. An evangelist from Japan had come to church and used it to paint his point. "Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like stars forever." There is something attractive about, “…shine like stars forever.”

I like to reflect on my life and tell about a time that visually tells a story for quotes like this. However, for me, I wasn’t led by just one person to better living, more so by many. 

If I must give one person the credit it would be without a doubt Jesus, which in itself is a beautiful mystery. However, the purpose of this isn’t to convert anyone to Christianity, only to share my reality. 

There were many people along the way of my waywardness who have lead and guided to me in the direction of the different chapters of my life. Starting with my parents. 

My mom worked diligently to bring as many positive influences as she could into the globe of my childhood. Richard Bigham was a soft-spoken and rugged firefigh…