The Transition Handbook Pt. 1

While I was in transition to my new life this was written. It is the beginning of my journey to where I am today.

The Beginning

Days come then go, evening then morning, a new day has come. The heaven at dawn is over, now I will live in the light until the heaven at dusk arrives. The time of twilight truly is surreal. Majestic, magnificent, cosmic and enlightening, to say the least. Two heavens, one light, one dark. We enjoy both of them. We may be blind in the darkness, even blind in the light. Too much darkness, not enough light or too much light, not enough darkness, all benefit our cosmic, our interstellar existence. To enjoy life on all levels. When we gain an appreciation for all creation, we will be perfect. Enjoy your ignorance with no regrets. Enjoy your wisdom with no shame. Live to please and pleasure ourselves, we are selfish. Then we no longer receive pleasure from, from these things. The pleasures of old, we feel a new existence. It is Christ who came to earth. We are no longer alive to physical pleasure. We are dead, but now we are alive to spiritual pleasure. We fill our spirit and show others the same. How truly brilliant is our Creator, our star, our darkness, our balance? For because this energy, His existence brings enlightenment, all this is possible. Truly fitting all things are possible. All things were made possible. We have just begun.

Understanding Love and Hate

What do we know? What do we see? Do you really think you understand me? Can one fall in love with what they cannot see? Or can one perceive what may or may not be? Love, lust, infatuation and masturbation. Like the simile, like of attraction, escalating through seduction to stalking one's obsession. Is this understood? Can one truly see that only fools fall in love. Wait, maybe what they perceive. Yet another being becomes immortal working through and for his or her morals. If we can only love as much we love ourselves and can only love what we understand, then to know love we must understand ourselves. Do we understand and cherish resentment? Can one love during times of contention? If we hate what we don't understand, can we only love hate or hate love or is all this misunderstood? I plead with one, I hope for all to call to look into the misunderstood. Maybe we can all forget what is bad and what is good and see balance with harmony, if only we could.

The 12 Beliefs

As leaders, we have a solid, concrete belief. We believe and we stand up for them.

1. We believe ignorance is bliss.
2. We believe knowledge is power.
3. We believe true power is revealed when one has control over his or her influence on the world. The more influence, the bigger your world.
4. We believe that those who have obtained authority have to be held to a higher standard, they're not above the law.
5. We believe that a human's potential is limitless when purpose and passion are combined. We help people find their purpose. We help people find their passion, thus inspiring innovation.
6. We believe it is important to help people find peace of mind because a troubled mind is dangerous.
7. We believe that life is very simple. Are we saving life or destroying it? Are we liberating or oppressing? Are we part of the answer or part of the problem? These three questions sum up our life.

8. We believe all are needed and have purpose.
9. We believe in our common qualities.
10. We believe to liberate is to educate.
11. We believe liberating the oppressed save lives, exposing the unjust restores balance and caring for widows and orphans.
12. We believe as representatives of our creator, we must judge people only actions. We only judge in a way that will build someone up.

The people we need are those who desire to make a difference and believe in humility, honor, honesty, virtue, balance, integrity, fortitude, prudence, courage, patience, servitude or caring and understanding.


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