The tale of 2 cops

"No Officer." Is said after he asked for my ID. "Am I under investigation?"
"We had reports of two people being in a park after dark." He responded.
"Sir it's still daylight and we are not in a park." If we were in a park after dark shouldn't you had talked to us in the park?" I said.

Another cruiser pulled up. They began trying to intimidate me. I wasn't budging and I wasn't afraid. I knew my rights. I was being respectful. My wife on the other hand folded. She submitted her ID and it was discovered that she had a warrant out for her arrest. They never did get my ID that day.

This supported my belief that cops abuse the ignorance of people who don't know their rights.

"Ugh." My heart dropped into my throat. The red and blue lights were circling behind me. I was speeding. I knew it. I mean I didn't know it until I saw the sign and looked down. It was too late. I had all my info ready for the officer before he pulled up. My window was already open. When he got to my window I handed him my information. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” “I was speeding. 55 in a 35. Man, I saw you, looked down and I didn’t realize how fast I was going. I slowed down and it was too late. You had already turned on your lights.” “I had you clocked at 53, but that’s about right. Are you from around here?” “No, I just moved here from Lancaster,  Ohio. I am in AmeriCorps doing my service with Habitat for Humanity.” “Okay, well be careful on this road, the speed limit drops pretty fast coming into town. I’m just giving you a warning today.” “REALLY? wow, thanks! I’ll be careful.”

This supported my current belief that cops want us to do good. They aren’t all bad.

You know what the interesting thing is though? Who I am during each of these memories. You see the person I was formally already believed this about cops. This portion of my reality only supported that belief. In my more recent belief, I didn’t believe cops only want us to do good. I believe people want us to do good. People want to see others grow and succeed. Without a doubt, my record pulled up on the cops screen just by running my plates. He knew about all my DUI’s, my thefts, and multiple other convictions. The person who he saw was not the person from that list. This person took ownership of his mistakes and was not trying to dodge the consequence.

Our perspectives are shaped by our decisions to believe and act. So are others. For example, my beliefs on my world in the first was a controversial belief that resulted in controversy. My second was one of acceptance and ownership, which was passed on to the officer’s perception of me.

There are beliefs that can be constructive. There are also beliefs that can be destructive. Learning how to identify them is a great way to advance to the next levels of our growth. Some destructive beliefs might be, “I can’t do that.” Or “I am too old for that.” Or “That isn’t for me.” These types of beliefs cause us to say no to opportunities which are stressful and challenging to the person we are currently. Instead of  “I can’t do that.” You might just add the word, yet. Instead of “I am too old for that.” “What am I able to do that can bring me closer to being able to do that?”

“That isn’t for me,” is an identity qualifier. What are we? Then why isn’t that for me? Simply asking ourselves, “why is this for me,” can help us grow out of that box.

When we become aware of our destructive beliefs we generate power within ourselves. We have the power of choice. We can now actively try and argue ourselves out of it. There is another way we can fight back. It is to focus on finding powerful constructive beliefs. For example, mine is, "Everything in life is specifically designed for our improvement." When searching for your own you can search quotes which inspire you and write them down. Read them daily. Memorize them. We are co-creators of the person who we are becoming. It is as Albert Einstein said, "The secret to change is to focus all of our energy not on fixing the old, but creating the new." 

Taking a deep look into our imperfection requires humility and honesty. Once we decide to remove destructive beliefs it will take time. Without a solid why we may give up when things get tough. Why do you want to be a better version of you? Why do you want to grow? Do you want to set a great example for your kids? Do you want to be the best servant you can? Do you want to save lives? Why do you want to travel the road of ascension?

The BA2L is real,
Be Addicted to Life.
Eric (Airek)


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