Is life happening to you, or FOR you?

Tony Robbins asks, "What if life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you?" It's a hard pill to swallow. Especially if one is still struggling in active destructive addiction. One might argue, "How is this supposed to be "for" me?" I guess that is what his intention is. To get us to answer that question. 

I'd never had thought it was a good thing to have lived through what happened, FOR me. Especially in-the-moment. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous to think that the time I was crawling through the mud, under a house in Florida, trying to listen into the secret corridors of Andre's, that, "This is a good thing."

It took time. Namely growth in time, which has allowed me the opportunity to look back and see that these things, now, can be called good. It also has allowed me to see that, everything is designed to work out specifically for our improvement.

I played football in high school. I loved it. I enjoyed the practices just as much as the games. Only, I don't remember leaving practice filled with the excitement or despair I felt from the games. I went to practice and it was my job to give my best effort every play. It was my duty to listen to the coaches and apply their teachings. It was my responsibility to set a good example for the new members of the team.  

Coaching is totally different though. Coaches design practice to win games. Coaches motivate individuals according to their individual needs and challenge each unique player enough for them to develop confidence and competence. They disciplined us if we weren't performing up to our capabilities. Every year our seasons were designed to make us better players and to perform at our new best at each game. 

I believe life is the same way. We have a Cosmic Coach, who I believe is God, who designs our practices to have us ready to perform our best when it's game time. 

If we aren't aware of this we suffer. Could you imagine putting your child in football practice but he has no idea why he keeps getting tackled and yelled at and no clue what he is doing? He'd be miserable!

If we ignore practice and focus on the game, if we are talented we may win some. However, we will lose many more. We might focus more on how we do instead of the team. Without knowledge of the Coach, we focus more on the opponent. 

Should we focus on our Coach and have faith in his design, work hard in practice knowing there is a big game coming up, our skills develop much faster. We notice there are many more people on our team other than us. When we finish the game, we thank the other team and bring our focus right back to our Coach.

We must be patient and understanding because it isn't about who we are today. It's about who we become tomorrow. Out of this new understanding of life, we are gifted with continuous education, motivation, and growth. We become aware of all the players on our team. Our momentary sufferings, they are for a purpose. 

This is what we mean when we say we believe, "Everything in life is designed specifically, for our improvement."

The BA2L is real,
Be Addicted to Life.
Eric (Airek)


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