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What do you have in common with a pirate?

Last week in Toastmasters I gave a last-minute speech when someone canceled. I was running with my friend Jason when I started talking about Destination, Direction, and Navigation. I blogged about it a while ago. (Read it here) That's where I noticed this connection to how we live our lives and pirates lived theirs aren't so different. After the run on Sunday with Jason, I said, "I could give a speech on this." Well, the next day I had my opportunity. Here it is. The conclusion is a bit abrupt. For not having practiced it though? Tell me what you think. (Here is the link)

Please give me your feedback. It helps a lot!
The BA2L is real, Be Addicted to Life. Eric, (Airek)

A mothers connection

The warm moonlit night came with a cool breeze flowing over the rooftops. I sat supported by the asphalt shingle, my arms wrapped my knees, my neck tilted and my eyes fixed to the full glowing light in the sky. I love sitting on roofs. I often stared into space contemplating how small I was. I would wonder the purpose of something so minute in an opening so magnificent. I would think of my family and my history. While replaying memories of a loving mother and innocence of youth, a lump would appear in my throat.

This particular night by the moon, my eyes were hypnotized. The man in the moon became my mom. I could see her face plane as day repeating, "Come home, come home. Eric, Come home." I could see the emotion in her eyes, as the pain of loneliness filled her face. Over and over her lips would repeat the phrase.

I can remember thinking about why and how is this happening. Was it the drugs? Was it real? Was it a connection of mystery? Was my mom a witch and casting a spell…

Is life happening to you, or FOR you?

Tony Robbins asks, "What if life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you?" It's a hard pill to swallow. Especially if one is still struggling in active destructive addiction. One might argue, "How is this supposed to be "for" me?" I guess that is what his intention is. To get us to answer that question. 
I'd never had thought it was a good thing to have lived through what happened, FOR me. Especially in-the-moment. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous to think that the time I was crawling through the mud, under a house in Florida, trying to listen into the secret corridors of Andre's, that, "This is a good thing."
It took time. Namely growth in time, which has allowed me the opportunity to look back and see that these things, now, can be called good. It also has allowed me to see that, everything is designed to work out specifically for our improvement.
I played football in high school. I loved it. I enjoyed the practices just as m…

The secret to explode in your scene.

My past shouldn't be a secret to anyone, just in case you don't know, I am a recovering addict. In the Fairfield County Courtroom, my criminal record once literally made a thud sound when Judge Trimmer dropped it in front of him just to make a point. You could say that I went to a great effort to keep drugs in my life. You could equally say I went through the same to leave the drugs behind. Again you can see today, I take great effort in living my life. Too many people, put too much effort, in the wrong direction. I want to show you something and tell you a little story. 
When I was in rehab we were given the assignment to make a relapse prevention plan. As the people ahead of me finished theirs I noticed people proud because theirs was the biggest. They just threw everything the could in it. I saw others just throwing theirs together saying, "I'm just going to throw it away." I wanted to keep mine for a long time. I wanted it to be something that I was proud of. …

Don't want to relapse? Read this.

AHHHHHH why didn't anyone warn me how hard this was going to be?!!?!? Okay well, we all know recovery is hard. So was living in the active stages of our destructive addiction though right?

Man, I remember hanging out on some Church steps with some other houseless people when my wife said she was hungry. A guy told me we could find some good pizza in the trash cans around closing time downtown. Yes. We dined from trash cans that night.

Drugs filled my veins and hostess crumb cakes filled my stomach. I remember living off of chewable gummy vitamins for 3 days. Heck, there was a time I swore someone was stealing my belt and making it longer because there was no way the bath salts could make me any more skinny! How crazy is that? Belt stealers making it longer. SMH.

Why am I telling you all of this? During destructive addiction, I am sure the person is rare who is taking care of their wellness. I for sure wasn't! Neither were any of the people I hung out with! HAHAHA I remember think…