How to break old and build new habits.

This whole concept behind what makes up me is crazy intriguing. Questions like “Who am I?” and “Why do I do the things I do?" have developed into, “How do I become an even better version of myself?” and, “What can I do to be a more effective me?” 

One of the first things I learned while in rehab was this concept. I call it our character map. Everything begins with belief and ends with habits. 
I am my beliefs on the world around me resulting in the actions that I repeat. The crazy thing about this, is that our thinking is habitual as well. Sometimes taking conscious action in thinking is our mental action. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein, “The secret to change is to focus all your energy not of fixing the old, but creating the new.”
When we look into our daily habits let’s not try to fix the old, lets create the new. What are some constructive habits we can create? Here are 5 of my favorites. 

1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Meditation 
4. Prayer
5. Self-Care

When we begin to focus on creating these new habits it’s important to know the anatomy of a habit. 

An easy way to remember this is, After I _______, I will ______. Then tell yourself good job. 

This is very basic, and it is a start. Be sure to make sure the beginning of the habit is incredibly simple like for example, After I get into bed I will read one page. You can always read more. Just remember to tell yourself good job. Even if it’s just in your thoughts. 

Be sure to remember that they aren’t made over night. They take time. It’s nice to have someone who is there with you for the ride too. A friend, spouse or coach that can encourage you and remind you how well you’re doing or how far you’ve come. 

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