3 secret ingredients to an amazing day

When I was living through my addiction, I'd use any drug I could to alter my emotional state to one which I desired. One which was more pleasurable than the life sobriety lived in. Today I don't use drugs to alter my state of mind. It doesn't mean I don't alter it though.

Some days I wake up and it's like the whole world is waiting on me with open arms. My excitement is naturally seeping out my eyes, shooting stars at anyone who crosses my path. These days are the best. It's almost effortless. Then others are like I'm dragging myself through the day like a sled dog trying to pull Santa. Why in the world can't I have the amazing days every day!??! One day at a time right? Control the variables man. Here are 3 ways I use to more consistently have days full of stars in my eyes. 

THE NUMBER 1 way to control my emotional state is to wake up early. I have found that alone time allows me to build emotional momentum. I take care of the important things first, then plan my day. Heck by the time other people are meeting up with me, I've been up an hour and a half, showered up, ate breakfast, gave time to God, journaled for 20 minutes and have planned my day. "You are way too energetic." You don't know how many times I've heard this. I work hard to stay in a High Powered State. That's why I consistently have high energy.

THE NUMBER 2 way I control my emotional state is take care of myself. Our body, mind and spiritual health are all very real. When we neglect to take care of us, we are essentially telling ourselves that we don't love us. Think about it like this, if you'd ignore your child, don't educate them, allow them to disrespect others and let them eat like ELF every day, what message are you sending? If you think that deep inside we don't feel the same way about how we treat ourselves, I'd say you are mistaken. It feels good when you know that you are taking care of your whole health. 

THE NUMBER 3 way I control my emotional state is to stay moving. This is a little crazy, I know. Motion creates emotion. When I feel like I'm sliding into a negative state I find a way to get my heart rate up. I move faster, talk a little faster, or just break out in a crazy flailing dance. It feels ridiculous for a moment and I almost always get a what was that, followed by a smile and chuckle. You know what is even more ridiculous than a short-lived stint of self-imposed embarrassment? Allowing myself to sink deeper into a slow, unhappy, or unenthusiastic state for the next hour. Create your emotion with motion. Find a way to move more, smile more, laugh more. Even if it's at yourself. 

There you have it. My secret 3 ingredients to have amazing days. Wake up early, take care of yourself, and create emotion with motion. With these three bullets to add to your arsenal, you will no doubt be in a more consistent and enthusiastic state. Need help tracking it? Try using this habit checklist I use. CLICK HERE.

The BA2L is real,
Be Addicted to Life,
Eric (Airek)


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