Bad Habits gone good

Not all the habits we develop through our years of destructive addictions are bad. Some of them end up being valuable for us in our road through redemption. 

One of the most influential habits I have, has been passed on to me from my drug addiction. While using drugs and living on the streets I quit watching TV and read many books from the library. Today as I live with constructive habits this one is by far the most meaningful. Here is how this habit has helped me become a better me.

First off, the time spent sitting and watching a show has to be traded. Replace the time spent on a couch being absorbed into the latest series with constructive habits. My decisions are to read, write or work out.

Reading books keeps my mind directed toward the growth I need in my life. I consistently have a line of books I know I’m going to read next. I call it my curriculum. Reading something educational at least 20 minutes a day keeps our minds engaged, and the curiosity flowing. 

Writing helps me organize my thoughts. We think 1000-3000 words a minute! No wonder why we have racing thoughts. Imagine if someone was talking to you at 3000 words a minute? How would we ever understand them?!? By writing out my thoughts it has helped me understand myself on consistent new levels. I think when we really start to get to know ourselves we find that we really are pretty interesting. I like to get my writing done in the morning when I used to watch the news or sports center. When is a good time for you to trade your T.V. time for your growth time?

Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities we can choose to do with our body. If we don’t use it we lose it. This is true with our range of motion, strength and cardiovascular capacity. There are so many more benefits we get from engaging in regular physical activity. My favorite is the release of the drugs, serotonin and dopamine. Yes, exercise releases the same drugs in my brain that ecstasy and heroin used to. Other than that it protects us from serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. To maintain a healthy body exercise is a must.

Think about value. What value is TV giving you? Well one is recreation, or relaxation. Which is a good thing. In moderation. However when our recreation steals our quality-of-life like a seductive women could steal the joy of love, it becomes a major issue. We end up supporting the same position many might have at work. Sitting and slouching which cause posture deviations. It supports “comfort eating.“ Before we know it two sodas and a bag of chips are gone. Which leads to unnecessary calories and is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. Lastly, what we choose to watch influences our personality. Most shows which are exciting are not the most educational or conducive to our growth. I do not think any of this is bad on occasion. When done in routine it becomes a major issue later and people end up saying the words, “It came out of nowhere.”

The value of our time is by far the most precious resource we have. When we are aware of how much time we give to activities that don't serve us, we are given a new choice. We can choose to use the time for something else or make the decision to engage in the activity knowing this is our time to relax, recover, or show love to a special person. How much time are you spending in your day investing in you? 


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