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You are better than you think you are

I am better than I think I am. I can do more than I think. 
We have all heard these names. Names which ring loud as church bells. Names like, Mother Teresa, Nicola Tesla, Steve Jobs, and Nelson Mandela. These men and women have pushed the edges of the current understanding of their times as spiritual, science, business and social leaders. When you read their names what else do you think? Are they really so different than us?

Through our childhood many of us are in search of our own individuality. We want to be proud of what makes us different. This way of thinking digs so deep we most likely at one point have thought, “Nobody understands me.“ How could they? We have set ourselves so far apart that and we are so unique no one can.

We want to be different yet there is so much more power in being no different.Focus on the similarities and will see that it isn’t so hard to say, “Why can’t I do it too?“ Each day we wake up we all have the same time. 24 hours in a day, every single one of us. …