How to navigate your recovery

We do big things by lots of little things.

Where I once though I floated through life as if I were a leaf blowing in the cool autumn wind, guided only by mystery, I have seen that perhaps the only mystery was my own disconnection with my consciousness. My many seemingly thoughtless navigation's led me down a direction to an unsavory destination. There were many decisions I made in repetition to develop my reputation. Decisions in the beginning to want to me liked by others at my own expense. My decisions on who I thought was cool. To drink with intention on being as drunk as possible. To use pills as recreation. To instead of working harder to make more money, to move into assisted living. The list goes on and on. The big thing I did? I created a living hell full of mental manipulation, lies, and insecurity all around me. I lived in crack hotels. Slept on church steps. Ate out of trash cans. Worst yet, destroyed everything I cared about for my high. If I navigate my own direction to my destination, then I may as well learn to do it before hand. It is all these little things we do that make up the big ones. 

To illustrate the differences between direction, destination and navigation think of it like this.
A captain is aboard his ship on the high seas. He has been given a map. On the map is an X marking his next stop. He must navigate the map first by accurately plotting where his ship is. His next step is to determine the direction from his current point to his end. This step may consist of making small steps which will lead him to where he wants to go. Now the captain has a destination and direction. His navigation continues while he drifts the seas by taking control of the winds and utilizing the currents through the calm oceans avoiding storms or, when inevitable, taking on these giants with courage and tenacity. The better the captain is at navigating the elements of the earth, the more effective he will be at staying on path to his journey’s end.

If we want to do big things we must learn how to consistently to the little things. We can have a destination and know the direction to get there, however without the ability to navigate around and through the storms of life we are merely drifting without a paddle in the ocean. The winds and tides will only be in control. 

It is time for us to determine a new destination. It may be only a direction away from who we aren’t, however we will not allow the winds and tides navigate for us any longer. The tools you will learn here are skills that can be used to help navigate the seasons and storms of life so that we will remain in direction to a desirable destination.

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