4 steps to become the royal you.

In my blog, “Truth found in incarceration” I touched on an experience I had while buying something from a gas station messed up. I mentioned I kept my money in a bible. This moment opened in me, an ability to see my self differently. I wasn’t being honest with myself. Let me give you a little more background on this situation.

Through my various vacations behind bars I found it easier to use my time through routine. Exercise and Bible. I’d build up my body and relationship with God. which I mostly abandoned upon release. Sometimes I’d keep a prayer journal and write to God when I got out. Eventually though, I’d let it fall away. After my last release from the Florida incarceration system, I was determined to not let this happen again. When I’d steal, I’d pray before I went in. I’d ask God to read my heart and protect me. I’d sit in the grass and spend time writing poems to Our Heavenly Ally. I really tried to stay away from drugs. I even kept my bible from jail, and always had it in my back pocket. The little ones with Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament. It was there that’d I’d keep my money. I put a lot of effort in being a person who built a relationship with the Celestial Source. Then all at once my view of me was shattered by one statement. I got high and walked into the 7 Eleven in Zephyrhills, Florida. I bought a drink and walked out of the store. The attendant said to the next person, “Can you believe how messed up that guy was? And he kept his money in a bible too.” In that moment I felt a sting. Which would grow. It hurt me. I was forced to see that who I believed I was, was not congruent with how others saw me. Was I being honest with myself? Well, I would begin to.
While the pages of my life continued to turn, I reached the end of that chapter of my life. Today I believe that we must be honest with ourselves most of all. We must take ownership of our past, present and future. This will allow us to grow into an authentic person expressing love for oneself. 

Taking ownership of our past experiences and decisions is the first step to becoming honest with ourselves. We can no longer play the victim if we are to be the hero. Often, we will own the good, and blame others for the bad. We may even lie and try and take credit for others good decisions, as our own. There isn’t any nobility in this. 

When I started wearing my addiction as a badge of honor instead a cause for shame, others looked at it this way as well. There is no reason to hide our history. Own the good and the bad. By doing so we can use it. We may begin to learn from both. We may begin to take our darkness and draw power from it.  The power to grow into the person we were created to be.

From the time we are born we are growing both physically and mentally. We are absorbing knowledge and skills at a rate which might never be duplicated again in our lives. There are no dishonest limiting beliefs in a baby. The baby only knows that it will talk, crawl, and walk. It will learn. Naturally then the baby grows. We have little control of our physical growth. We can, accelerate it with exercise and nutrition. In school we are forced in an environment which encourages our minds to grow. As we grow in age we learn dishonest beliefs which limit our continued growth. Some in the name of safety, others in the name of fear. When we are honest with ourselves again, we develop courage and wisdom to take steps into the risk of our fears. 

Being honest with ourselves then, requires us to get to know who we are first. What beliefs do we hold which are lies? What values do believe in which our actions do not support? What can we do, which we have been told we can’t? What do we want which we believe we are unworthy of? Through this process we are becoming more authentic.

This process of becoming an authentic person is difficult and rewarding. It is difficult because we must take the knowledge we have of ourselves and acknowledge where we are weak. We then can see where we need to develop further or find others who have those strengths. It feels good to know we are predisposed to being good at things, so acknowledging our strengths is fun. By far though, the most difficult and rewarding aspect of our authenticity is aligning our actions and values. This takes consistent effort and honesty to master. However, once we know that our actions and values are aligned, there is much confidence that comes with this. We can weigh feedback, both negative and positive, in a way which is useful for our continued growth. As we keep on this path we experience a new kind of feeling. A feeling of self-love.

This Self-Love is reserved for royalty. It is not conceded or arrogant. It is capable of great things. We know how long it takes and all the hard work that it took to grow. It has developed in us a new level of patience and understanding. Think about it. You don’t like it when your best friend lies to you. Why would you like it, when you lie to you? Don’t we respect those who work hard and follow through on their word? Wont we respect ourselves more when we do the same? Our closet friends are the ones we can be the most honest with. Who will be there for us to give us honest feedback even when it hurts. By beginning to treat ourselves as we would like others to treat us, we inevitably will love ourselves as we would another. 

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That first sting I received sparked an awareness in myself which would lead me down a difficult and rewarding road of becoming honest with myself. Now, as I am growing continuously, taking ownership of my life, striving to be as authentic as I can, I am loving who I am becoming. The royal me. This path is a path which will no doubt deliver you to the same destination, to the royal you.

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