We can do this

Far from success was the track of my business. I was on the fast track to destitution from the streets, to the institution. This institution was an elementary university for sinners plagued with the darkness of adversity. Cold bars and bare floors, and iron locks on steel doors, it sucks I've been here before. "This is the last time. I don't belong here." I swore many times before I was done. I didn't want this anymore. I can do this. 

It's unfortunate that some of us never learn this lesson, or give up in fear of, the freedom of restriction. Fear of the unknown, a fear of rejection, fear of success or, fear of failure. I must confess I have a known objection I will impress on this danger. I can do this. 

By what evidence shall we get this confidence? Where shall our competence arise? How shall we persuade them?

Our confidence shall come from our ability to learn and persevere. Our courage to fail with our fear, is our road to the person we aren’t, yet.

Believing that we can overcome obstacles in our life and manifest our dreams is the most important step after being honest with ourselves as to what our dream is. There are three C’s to remember in cultivating a compelling belief that we can do it. Confidence, competence and communication.

The first C, confidence is more than walking with our chest high. It has more to do with getting things done. Our confidence shall come from our belief in our ability to get things done. 

The second C, competence eventually develops into skills. However, it doesn’t start there. It begins in the development of the skills. The more we learn new skills the better we get not only at the skills themselves, but the skill of learning the new ability. Our competence shall be in our ability to learn.

The third C, communication is the most used skill in our species. We must communicate our ideas, thoughts and emotions well to get more done. We listen full of curiosity, with intent on understanding while speaking in a way which is easily understood. Most importantly we are not afraid of asking for help. Our communication shall be with courage, curiosity and clarity.
We can do this because: 

We are confident in our ability to get things done.

We are competent in our ability to learn.

 We communicate with curiosity, courage and clarity. 

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