2018 Troy Memorial Freedom Climb

The Troy Memorial Freedom Climb is an annual event organized by Joe and Zach Stutz, a father and son from Troy, Ohio. I have another video and blog about them and last years here.

This year they've estimated close to $2000 raised! It will be split evenly to local and national police and firefighters. 

This year though I wanted to write about the person I was running for. Lt Timothy Higgins. I didn't know who he was until recently.  I love this clip. Check it out man, he this kind of character pumps me up!
"I was fortunate to meet and become friends with Timmy in 1980. I shared a house with his buddies in Freeport. He took me for many rides on his Harley. Timmy became like a brother to me and without my asking, watched over me. About a year later, I moved to Lynbrook into a 2-family house. One night I was out at a club with a girlfriend and someone stole my pocketbook. They got everything - keys to my apartment and car, license, etc. The owner of the house had the lock changed but I was still very disturbed knowing that some stranger had my address, car keys, photos, etc. I didn't even call Timmy to tell him about the incident because it was late but in the middle of the night he was outside, throwing rocks at my window and calling my name. He had heard about the incident and wanted to make sure I was OK and insisted on sleeping over. The next day he had someone come change the locks on my car for me. Timmy was my hero all those years ago." Higgins: 'Like a brother to me'
Here is another good clip about him.
He had distinguished himself over a 23-year career, showing valor in emergencies, teaching rookies the ropes and recently reconfiguring the department’s SCUBA rescue operations.
Higgins, whom his brothers describe as “the ultimate family man,” leaves behind a wife, Caren, 39, two daughters, Catie, 15, and Cody, 13, and son Christopher, 17.
All three firefighter brothers, and the youngest, Matt, 35, a police sergeant at the 112th Precinct in Queens who also aided in the recovery effort, were at the site on the day of the attack.
Bob was at his post in Brooklyn when he saw the first tower fall from his office’s seventh-story window. He and some co-workers commandeered a city bus and rushed to the site.
“When we got there, I saw one of the guys who knew my brother. He said he last saw Timmy on the 20th floor, and told him they were evacuating,” said Bob. “Timmy said, ‘I know, I’ll meet ya, I’ll meet ya.’ And he and his men all headed straight up the stairs.” BAND OF BROTHERS – HIGGINS BOYS REMEMBER FALLEN SIBLING

After reading stories like these I wonder, how can I be sure I will respond the same way in similar situations? People with hearts this big are the heroes who I look up to. Real people, who's story's were not lived to be bragged on. They were just being who they are and today, are still inspiring others. 

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