Why structure is necessary in recovery.

I lived so long like dead, dancing dandelions in the warm wind of spring. I was blind being directed by my drugs. The earthly character of me had manifest mischievous and miserable. I needed to be a new me, born celestially. 

During my incarceration I knew I couldn't be the old me anymore. The old me spent all of his time with drugs and with people who used drugs. His thoughts were on drugs. I had to find new ways to spend my time. New friends. And I had to think differently. This is a massive new creation. I didn't do it alone. And it is only through Universal Parental Patience that I have made it this far. At least when I was in jail, my options were limited.

When I got to rehab I learned about structure. Well the necessity of it. They just didn't really show me how to continue with it. So I continued to learn and ask questions until I came up with my own.

The creation of cosmic character can not be without structure.

It's crazy to me how incredibly complex we are. Have you ever thought about who you are? Think about it like this, most of our entire body is fully replaced every 7-15 years. Every 2-3 weeks we have a complete new skin. Every 10 years we have a complete new skeleton. Our body we had when we lived before isn't the body we live in now. We are some complex creations. Yet we are not our bodies. How can we be? 

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Who am I, or Who will I become?

There is a structure to who we are. I mean we are complex. What I am referring to here is our character, or our identity. That which makes us unique to being us. Do you care about who you are? The crazy thing is many of us might say yes, and not even know what values we operate under. When we care about someone, don't we want to know them better. Then if we care for ourselves, we should also know who we are, and why we do what we do. This is what it means to have a cosmic character. 

The structure of our character is our belief and values at the core. Have you ever looked into your values? Or reflected on your beliefs? Are they constructive to who you want to become in the future? If not, by what means are you going to get there? 

How can I use structure to co-create me?

For starters having a look into what we believe about ourselves is super important. Many beliefs we are unaware of may be destroying our possibilities of living out of this world! Here are some examples of destructive beliefs and their constructive counterparts. 

Another important practice is to view our values. I think I can honestly say that most of us will say that we value God and Family first. How do we value these though? Is it through a value of transparency or authenticity? Do we value peace of mind or honesty? What about patience or understanding? There is a near limitless list of values we can operate from. Some hold higher priority over others. Here is a list you can look at. 

Once we start learning more about who we are, the more we will understand why we do what we do. This is powerful. Once we do this we can begin changing them. We can also use this as a method of reflection to hold ourselves accountable. It also helps with decision making. If we value peace of mind above all others then we might not want to make decisions which make others struggle internally. We would want to make decisions that help others achieve peace of mind.

We can also use this same method from the end first. Who are we becoming, and what would that person value and believe for them to be them. Then the diligently directed process of construction begins. 

I remind myself near daily who I am and who I am becoming. I review my mission like a map so I don't get lost. I read and re read my vision. I ended up putting it into a book I use. I call it my BA2L Plan. It's kinda cool. I break it down into 13 week missions. When I don't use it I feel lost. Here is what part of the daily looks like.

 I have been told that I lack focus. That I have too much energy. I have also been told that I am bipolar. It turns out I just didn't have to tool necessary to stay focused. I didn't understand my emotions and how to manage them. Emotions. Now that is a whole other subject. I call that my standing operating procedure. My SOP. I'll get more into that next week.

Structure is required for construction. Who we are, and who we become, can either be created by our environment unconsciously, or co-created by us consciously. It may take effort, and it may get difficult. However as my girlfriend would quote from Plato. "Beautiful things are difficult to attain."

The BA2L is real,
Be Addicted 2 Life,


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