The Mud Ninja

They are the silent assassins. They move in the darkness, attack in silence. The victims lie unaware of how they could have been so easily plucked from security. The Ninja. What a perfect name for this race. It is easy to blame things external for our own inadequacies. It's easier on our ego. It isn't our fault that we didn't perform well. Uh huh. Not me. I can most often find something to improve upon. Though the physical obstacles didn't apply much opposition, the obstacles unseen took away my dream. The admired sword of the ninja. 

Image may contain: 2 people, including Damian Shemo, shoes and outdoor"The course wasn't marked well! I got lost twice." I said to Troy when he asked what I thought. "Isn't that always the case." He responded. He didn't direct this to a habit particular to me. It was directed to all of us who have at one point used this excuse to cover up our fault to protect our innocence. 

When our speed and addiction to competition overshadow our awareness, it is no ones guilt but our own for being lost, missing a direction. I know there are times that some may argue it was definitely no fault of their own, however, as with many other things this is not an absolute truth, merely a call to look inward instead of so easily blaming others.

It was my lack of awareness to my surroundings in recognizing there was a choice to make. I did not even consider I had went the wrong way, until it was too late. It would not be a vain pursuit to practice running with awareness. 

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky and outdoorSecond, had I achieved a better time by inadvertently taken a short cut, I would know I did not deserve my place. The award belonged to a competitor who ran the whole course. That isn't worth it to me.

While I run fast on trails, as I am looking to ensure I have proper footing, I need to ask myself if I am sure I am going the right way. Just as I slow down in a high risk situation to avoid injury, I must practice awareness of my direction and slow down enough to make a good decision to keep my position. 

All in all I thought that Mud Ninja was a very fun course. The obstacles were definitely enjoyable.  The terrain was a decent difficulty. My favorite was the couple that needed team work to get over. 

It was organized well. It was very festive and absolutely encourage people to stay a while and visit. 

The ninja of mud exposed me at my weakness. His sword belonged to those more worthy than I. His lessons on racing and life will forever be remembered.

LESSON LEARNED:  I mustn't let my skill and ambition trump my awareness and understanding.
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  1. I can come up with an excuse for everything that I do not do. Why I didn't make it to the gym much this week. Why my diet failed but it all comes down to one thing, I made those choices this week. Great article, so true and what I needed to hear.


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