3 R's that rescued me from the Indian.

Image result for indian mud runI can feel the wind blow by my cheeks. My chest hurts from expanding over and over to it's limits. My breathing is so loud it drowns out any animal sound which may be in the woods. I look back she is still there. I can't shake her. I climb the cargo net up the slick mossy rock. "Sir! Stop! You're going too far! Come down and go to your left!" The volunteer advised. Now she is on my heals. "Thank you for volunteering." She says. Which was just the beginning of the conversation she had while on this natural obstacle. As we are traversing across the vertical rock via a hanging tree truck under our feet she gets to know the volunteer well. We both again say our thank you's and bear crawl up the next hill.  "You don't mind that I talk to you do you?" She asks. "Nope, not at all" I respond.  "Well some people are all like, "I'm trying to focus." "Ha Ha. Yeah I'm trying not to focus! Talk as much as you want!" This was really when the race became fun. Well a different kind of fun. 

During this race I was reminded of my responsibility for my happiness. I chose to do this race. Why spend it dwelling in any emotion other than being happy? Well at least not negative. That's the quickest way to get burnt out. Whether we are racing or living life, ultimately we are in charge of our emotional response. Here are the 3 R's that helped me during this race keep a good mindset.

Reframing. The internal dialogue going on in between our ears is a lot like using the back space button. First we have to recognize that we really didn't mean to write that sentence. It would sound much better like this. For instance, "Oh man, seriously I'm only half done?" Wait a minute backspace that. "Oh man! I only have half way to go. It's all down hill from here! I'm almost done. Keep it up.You got this." Reframing, to me, is noticing first that I don't have to let my thoughts begin that snowball. It's kind of like a healthy rationalization/debate with myself. This is much easier to nip in the beginning, yet can be done at anytime with a convicted decision. 

Reflection. There she was beating me on the wreck bag carry. We are going up hill and my legs are on fire. "You've been training specifically on these carries. This is where you are strong. Just power hike to the top and let gravity pull you down the hill." Here I used my past training to keep my focus from destructive patterns. We can use specific training to look back on, or a crazy past experience to remind us how tough we really are to help us endure through the tough times. 

Reciprocity. Last year I was good at this. This year I had become distracted by competition. I was so focused on trying to perform well, I was neglecting to make sure I expressed gratitude to as many people as I could. It comes back for sure. Man, the single best moment during this race was when Ashley, the girl I was racing with, stopped mid track and said "You're faster than this! GO!" Her encouragement was what I needed. It broke me out of the competition mode. I just ran. She kept up. I kept my eye back behind me, and expected her to be there. I wanted her to do well. I wasn't racing against her. I was racing with her. It was cool man. 

Ultimately we are responsible for our emotional state. If we let our environment dictate our demeanor we leave ourself at the mercy of nature. Utilizing the skills of reframing, reflection and reciprocity will assist our responsibility for maintaining our positivity. These skills aren't reserved for racing. They deserve to be used in aiding quality living. 

A special thanks goes out to all the volunteers, athletes and Hubie Cushman for making this possible. With the close to 7 miles, 1200 feet of ascension, Class A obstacles both man made and God made, provided an excellent experience to learn from and enjoy. Oh and definitely another thank you to Ashley, the first place female finisher from Florida.

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  1. Thanks for the great words. I really needed to hear this today. I need to look at the positive .Thanks!


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