Lessons Learned from Murph

Murph is a benchmark work out done by gyms and CrossFits all over the world for Memorial Day. The workout goes like this. Go run a mile. Do 100 pull ups. Then do 200 push ups. Follow that with 300 air squats. Finish it off with another mile run. Oh and wear a 20# vest while doing all of that too. 
Well I am running Memorial Day Mayhem at the Black Diamond Training Grounds in Columbus, Ohio that day. So I found a place that did it last weekend on Armed Forces Day. 

When I trained for this I focused on my pull ups and push ups. I do a lot of running anyway, and my legs are usually good. I ran my first mile in just over 7 minutes. I broke the pull ups into 5 kipping at a time. That worked well. Push ups I broke up into 5 a time. It was tough still but okay. The squats killed me after the push ups. I was toast at this point. I broke them up 10 at a time. I could tell I hadn't worked my legs in a while. Well it really messed up my final mile. I finished with a time of 49:02. I am pretty sure this is a PR for me but still. I'd like to break 40 next year. It'd be nice to see a 39:59.

I have a habit of I'm looking for the life lessons through the messages of life. When thinking on the lesson this quote came to mind. "In competition we don't rise to the occasion, we sink to the level of our training." My results from this workout directly reflected the level of my training. But what about life situations?

Looking to the stresses of life, whether it be school, work or relationships, they can all be viewed as opportunities for learning. Rather than trying to find an escape from them, acknowledge them as they are, important. Then ask, "What can I learn to make this less stressful in the future?"  

The next step is to work on these skills when life isn't as stressful. Like the old saying goes, "In times of peace, prepare for war." When our next test comes up we will be more adequately prepared and it will be less stressful on us.

Lesson Learned : Our study in times of security will keep us secure in times of stress.

The battle is real.
Be addicted to Life,

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