L.I.F.E. Emerge and Empower

Some times looking up from the bottom of the hole we dug seems daunting. It took years for some of us to dig that deep. It gets darker and darker and the hole gets smaller and smaller. Then, when there is only room for us, and we decide enough is enough. We choose to climb. There are times we slide back down but we continue to crawl. With sheer determination, will, and the help of a Force which we can not see, we stand covered from head to toe full of mud, grime and the sands of time.  

It’s extremely exciting when we are living again. There is light! Space! A whole new world!  We are as energetic as children. Motivated. We have more possibilities than ever before. Our growth at this stage is incredibly natural. We relearn forgotten skills. Really, all of these skills are the foundation of a new character. I had to relearn how to respect, care, have manners, heck I just learned how to listen to the female species. (I'm 4 years clean, lol) (#1 don’t try to fix the problem #2 use these words, “interesting, really, wow, no way, #3 ask how’d that make you feel.) It goes against everything in me and it took all I had but it works! If you haven't watched the nail in the head video, the time is NOW. 

During this time of growth, we start to receive blessings. It’s really a byproduct of doing the right actions. It’s nice though. It seems everything is going great! We have money in our pocket. Our bills are being paid on time. We have a car! Man things are going good. Then we stop though. We take the blessings and stop growing. Did we think that was all? The best is yet to come. Have you ever thought where these blessings come from? It’s important.

Blessings come from people. We are blessed into becoming a blessing to others. To keep becoming a bigger and bigger blessing to others we keep growing. Growing isn't easy. It's. struggle. We are designed to grow. Living things by their very nature grow. The better we get at communicating, at leadership, at being the very best version of ourselves, the more people we will be able to bless. Really there is no better feeling than watching someone succeed, fight and being apart of that story. How do we get really good at this? Mastering ourselves.

Becoming a blessing to others is part of the process of self-mastery. A wise man once said, "You hypocrite, first remove the plank from your own eye, then you will see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brothers." An honest internal look into our actions and intentions is a rough and humbling experience. I am beginning to see what he means to see clearly enough. When we experience this process we understand that it happens within. There are many good people with insight into mastery. Brendon Burchard and Tony Robbins are a couple. Essentially mastery is the combination of self-knowledge and self-discipline. The more mastery we have the more control we have over our emotions and focus. We know exactly what our strengths and weaknesses and are content on constant improvement in our skills. We have emerged and now we can empower others.

We live for ourselves long enough be become cursed. We live for others long enough we become a blessing. Stay strong in this battle of life. Become addicted to it.

The BA2L is real,
Be addicted to life.

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