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Lesson Learned from Black Diamond

I have been running obstacle course races coming up on 2 years now. I love them. They are the perfect blend of pain and pleasure. With the combination of endurance trail running, obstacles ranging from jumping a wall, going under a tree, carrying heavy things or hanging from your fingertips, there is always a skill can be focused on in training. Beyond that, the strategy. The rigorous and insidious question, did I really do my best? Was that my best effort or did my mind trick me into giving into it? Aren't these also great questions to ask for our race of life as well?

The first race of the season this year was Memorial Day Mayhem hosted by the Black Diamond Obstacle Course. This 5k was well thought out with strength sections, trail runs, decent strait away for the runners to open up and a decent selection of grip obstacles.

I came out strong battling between first, second and third for the first half of the race until we came out of the woods and the runners were able to utilize t…

Lessons Learned from Murph

Murph is a benchmark work out done by gyms and CrossFits all over the world for Memorial Day. The workout goes like this. Go run a mile. Do 100 pull ups. Then do 200 push ups. Follow that with 300 air squats. Finish it off with another mile run. Oh and wear a 20# vest while doing all of that too. 
Well I am running Memorial Day Mayhem at the Black Diamond Training Grounds in Columbus, Ohio that day. So I found a place that did it last weekend on Armed Forces Day. 

When I trained for this I focused on my pull ups and push ups. I do a lot of running anyway, and my legs are usually good. I ran my first mile in just over 7 minutes. I broke the pull ups into 5 kipping at a time. That worked well. Push ups I broke up into 5 a time. It was tough still but okay. The squats killed me after the push ups. I was toast at this point. I broke them up 10 at a time. I could tell I hadn't worked my legs in a while. Well it really messed up my final mile. I finished with a time of 49:02. I am pretty …

L.I.F.E. Emerge and Empower

Some times looking up from the bottom of the hole we dug seems daunting. It took years for some of us to dig that deep. It gets darker and darker and the hole gets smaller and smaller. Then, when there is only room for us, and we decide enough is enough. We choose to climb. There are times we slide back down but we continue to crawl. With sheer determination, will, and the help of a Force which we can not see, we stand covered from head to toe full of mud, grime and the sands of time. 

It’s extremely exciting when we are living again. There is light! Space! A whole new world!  We are as energetic as children. Motivated. We have more possibilities than ever before. Our growth at this stage is incredibly natural. We relearn forgotten skills. Really, all of these skills are the foundation of a new character. I had to relearn how to respect, care, have manners, heck I just learned how to listen to the female species. (I'm 4 years clean, lol) (#1 don’t try to fix the problem #2 use thes…

It's not just your story

I just gave this speech at toastmasters last night. It's neat how God brings the idea. I knew what I wanted to say I just wasn't real sure how it was going to look. The more I gave it the better it got and the more sense it made. Man the first 6 times I gave this it was wretched. Then things kept coming together more and more. All in all I'm okay with the delivery of it. 

We are all the main characters of our own personal movies. However since this is true for us all, it also means we are privileged to have supporting roles in others movies as well. The thing about movies, books, and stories are that we don't remember the stories in their entirety. We only remember the memorable moments. These moments are created by meaning. How much meaning are you bringing to your story and others?

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L.I.F.E. Fight: Wounds from the war of addiction

There I sat on a cool dark night. The rough asphalt shingles kept me from slipping down the roof as I starred toward the stars."Where do I come from?  Why is this so hard for me? I feel so different. Why can't I just be normal?" During these moments desiring connections to the heavens, my heart laid open and my eye searched for meaning. 

The fight for life is full of struggle. There seems to be a constant push and pull between emotions like depression/happiness, security/freedom, individuality/community, and pleasure/pain. Sometimes an effort to avoid one over the other, we find ourselves lost. Our need for individuality has left us without community. Our desire to be free has cost us to lose security. And all we ever wanted was constant happiness yet we live in an ocean of depression. Our old identity which began in pleasure is now causing us only pain. Until we say, "I can't do this again. I have got to change." This is the beginning of the fight for a new…