3 reasons why milestones are needed in training and life.

Ugh. I am trying to break 2 miles on this workout. I swear man. There is nothing worse than to know you are capable of something and keep missing the mark. I've done this workout a couple times before. I'm at a point where I know my effort is often on point. When I am done the big thing I have to look at is strategy. Well my strategy this time was way too simple. "Just get it. You know you can." I got to the end and I am running as fast as I can when I realize I am not going to make it. "You've got to be kidding me!" I scream in the middle of exhaustion. 1.92 miles. My best was 1.92 m. As I lay on the ground staring at the ceiling I am trying to think how this happened? Then it hit me. I had no idea where I was along the way. If I had set milestones for myself at the 10 and 5 incline I might have been in a better spot to finish strong and nail that flippin' PR man! Of course now this turned into a life lesson. Here are 3 reasons why the lesson is important.

Reason 1, TIMING

I set goals, yet I haven't really set milestones which will let me know I will get there, on time. Up until now I have been operating under the belief that big things are done by lots of little things. Also that as long as these little things have direction then I will arrive to my destination. It may be true. However will I be on time?  


Looking back into this workout, every time I did it i don't have any idea where I was during these mile markers. I don't know how fast I was going when. I really don't know where my mistake was other than maybe I could of went harder in the beginning and started my kick earlier. Then next time I do that and I don't get my PR. Good milestones take the guess work out of where we are in our progress and also allow us to be able to evaluate our performance with more detail. With these details our strategies will be much more effective.


Yep it's tough. I don't know how many times I start on a run and say "I'm just gonna run this one slow." or go to a race after I said, "I'm just going to use this race for training." Sure enough as if someone lit a small fire under my behind there I finished gasping for air again. Practicing sticking to your training while setting milestones and sticking to them will help us in developing a that valuable habit of discipline.

By setting milestones on my next run through I'm going to finish on time and beat that PR. If not, well crap at least I can reflect, learn and crush it next time. Maybe my next training race will remain just that. For training!

Lesson Learned :  When we have to beat time, milestones will get us to the finish line.

The BA2L is real.
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