L.I.F.E. Identify and Imagine

In LIFE we often feel cursed at times. The curse we live with can transform into our biggest blessing. We Love and Live the curse first. Then all of a sudden, it becomes slightly evident, that the thing we love is becoming something different. It is causing problems in our lives. Some who care may make mention of it, to which we may become defensive. Others who do not want to endanger the shroud of our happiness, may turn a blind eye. Either way, when we look at ourselves, WE KNOW. Still, we try to rationalize it away to keep from the next phase. Identification. 

It's incredibly easy to identify iniquities in others, however we tend to deny the very same issues which we wear ourselves. A wise man once said "first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." Anyone know who said that? 

Isn't it true though. Don't we all initially investigate others offences as means to justify our own? Once we begin to reflect these infractions inside to our own eye, our world will begin to change. We are allowing ourselves to be aware.

This awareness allows identification. It is the beginning of the process of improvement. Just this one step is setting into motion the notion that we might be capable of being a better version of ourselves. If only it were easy. I mean this person doesn't even exist yet! This person is NOT who we are now and is somewhere only existing in our imagination. Man I thought my imagination died with my imaginary friend!!!

When we identify that this is a problem, we inadvertently start to imagine the possibility for another version of ourselves. It's time to bring our imagination back to life! CLEAR!!! We aren't just identifying the problem though, we are truly beginning to identify our individuality. We are getting to know ourselves. As Socrates taught, "The unexamined life is not worth living." This a huge step. Equally as important, yet often neglected is to imagine what this future looks like.

I've wrote in the past about the importance of direction and destination. You see, we have a divine gift. Our imagination. We can formulate fantasies, wonder of the world, and dream divinely. We are the only creatures on this planet with that ability. We imagine and create. Imagine then, what this future looks like. Formulate your future, in the eye of your mind.

"The cold cadaver laid there upon the wet cement. Rain fell in and out of the street light illuminating the night air. Lightning cracks open the night like a strobe light. With each crack the body reveals itself. I walked closer and closer and noticed his hair, was matted to his head by the rain. His white button up was spread open overlapping his denim pants. His face was pressed against the ground. With closer inspection the stains on his shirt reveal the ink soaked word, ADDICTION. This is me, I thought. I ran home with tears flowing from my cheeks only to be lost among the rain. When I got to my house I collapsed at the door under the emotional exhaustion. 

I awoke in a bright atmosphere. It was like a dream. Was it? I looked in the mirror and I was smiling. There is something different about me. I looked....light. As if I had a weight lifted off me. Then time began to speed around me. I was older. Not much. I don't know how I got to this version of myself. But I looked, happy. Still. I looked confident. A light was shining all around me. The only thing I truly knew was there were no drugs in this persons life." 

Imagining is all about destination and direction. Yes we want to transform this curse. What will it look like when we are there? How will we feel? What will we believe? What kind of things will we be doing? If we don't have all the answers that's okay. They will come in time. 

Once we have identified and imagined a new world for ourselves eventually we will fight. We are fighting with nothing more than faith. The big question is, is it worth the struggle? Well, is it? 


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