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It all flipped so quick

Everything in life can flip-flop at a flip of a switch. Yeah my chances were higher because I stayed high. I had it good for a while. I had accepted that I was a heroin addict destined to live with addiction. I was diseased and needed medicine.

This recollection takes place while I worked at ImproveIT home remodeling in 2009. Every morning before work I took a shot of heroin into my vein. Sometimes for lunch and often before bed. This strategic regimen gave rise to my status within my profession, and I was offered a promotion. Things were good. Though I couldn’t be satisfied with my moderated medication. Society said I was high. I, said I was medicated. Still, the stigma buried within, wanted nothing more than to be free from this sin. A friend introduced me to a new substance legally bought commercially. Bath salts. Now I’m clean, on speed proud to be me.
ImproveIT was located in the Short North of Columbus, Ohio. So were bath salts. I was living in Bremen, a small village about an hou…

3 reasons why milestones are needed in training and life.

Ugh. I am trying to break 2 miles on this workout. I swear man. There is nothing worse than to know you are capable of something and keep missing the mark. I've done this workout a couple times before. I'm at a point where I know my effort is often on point. When I am done the big thing I have to look at is strategy. Well my strategy this time was way too simple. "Just get it. You know you can." I got to the end and I am running as fast as I can when I realize I am not going to make it. "You've got to be kidding me!" I scream in the middle of exhaustion. 1.92 miles. My best was 1.92 m. As I lay on the ground staring at the ceiling I am trying to think how this happened? Then it hit me. I had no idea where I was along the way. If I had set milestones for myself at the 10 and 5 incline I might have been in a better spot to finish strong and nail that flippin' PR man! Of course now this turned into a life lesson. Here are 3 reasons why the lesson is im…

L.I.F.E. Identify and Imagine

In LIFE we often feel cursed at times. The curse we live with can transform into our biggest blessing. We Love and Live the curse first. Then all of a sudden, it becomes slightly evident, that the thing we love is becoming something different. It is causing problems in our lives. Some who care may make mention of it, to which we may become defensive. Others who do not want to endanger the shroud of our happiness, may turn a blind eye. Either way, when we look at ourselves, WE KNOW. Still, we try to rationalize it away to keep from the next phase. Identification. 

It's incredibly easy to identify iniquities in others, however we tend to deny the very same issues which we wear ourselves. A wise man once said "first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." Anyone know who said that? 

Isn't it true though. Don't we all initially investigate others offences as means to justify our own? Once we be…