L.I.F.E. - Love it, Live it.

I am cursed. I've been cursed since birth. Predisposed with a disposition of disobedience. A need for a thrill, and an excess of energy with to much time to kill. My innocence allowed my ignorance to repeat until repentance. My disorder, the chaos which didn't really manifest, until I was screaming to the sky with my fist beating my chest. My curse came to its creation in the form of drug addiction. Though, I am blessed. Sometimes we have to live through the curse, to receive the blessing. Today I am privileged; in my occupation, I see the similarity between my curse and others. Yes, my curse can make people go to jail and is viewed taboo. Other afflictions though are just as destructive, and more easily accessible and acceptable. All of which share equality through emotion. We both smile over depression, are alone in a room full of people and feel hopeless walking in confidence. You see, my new insight lets me see that many roads lead to the same destination. Our misery is masked by momentary coverings of happiness. It isn't a bad thing though. Like I said this is really a blessing fermenting. Looking back I can see God guided me to His blessing of life. I'd like to share it with you. 

      L ove it, and Live it
           I dentify then Imagine
 F ight with Faith
            E merge and Empower

The curse begins by loving it. Of course, our curses begin enjoyably. We'd never form them into a habit if they weren't. These enjoyable moments form fantastic memories. We keep creating these memories, until eventually, the events begin producing evidence, for a need to change.

The evidence may even remain unnoticed by some simply because the consequences have not yet demanded immediate attention. Why change when we can stay the same. The hot tub of familiarity feels amazing. We continue to live it.

Living with the curse will consist of remembering the good old times. We'll reminisce, remembering when... Often we'll have the same old conversations over and over again. This can continue to happen repeatedly until we notice we aren't growing anymore, or that our consequences are now demanding attention.

Yes, we have to live it. Who doesn't love the story of the underdog who wins against all odds? The action thriller with the person who stands up for justice. Or movies like Rudy, where through sheer heart and determination a story is created which will stand forever, passing the test of time. We all relate to these stories secretly wishing we might have a testimony to call our own, yet we don't want the test. Everybody wants the testimony and nobody wants the test.

You can see and relate I'm sure, that the beginning of our testimony often starts innocently. They begin with great memories and times of fun. Maybe it isn't drugs, maybe it is food. Maybe the curse is relaxing. It could be Alcohol. Even destructive patterns of thinking or disempowering beliefs of the world around us. Some notice when they lose control, others, like me, crash.  These times make it more difficult to use the rationalization, "It's just me." We begin to doubt the decisions we've made. We begin to think that MAYBE, it's time to make a change. This is the sign for the next letter, I. Identify and imagine. 

The BA2L is real,
Be addicted to Life.

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