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L.I.F.E. - Love it, Live it.

I am cursed. I've been cursed since birth. Predisposed with a disposition of disobedience. A need for a thrill, and an excess of energy with to much time to kill. My innocence allowed my ignorance to repeat until repentance. My disorder, the chaos which didn't really manifest, until I was screaming to the sky with my fist beating my chest. My curse came to its creation in the form of drug addiction. Though, I am blessed. Sometimes we have to live through the curse, to receive the blessing. Today I am privileged; in my occupation, I see the similarity between my curse and others. Yes, my curse can make people go to jail and is viewed taboo. Other afflictions though are just as destructive, and more easily accessible and acceptable. All of which share equality through emotion. We both smile over depression, are alone in a room full of people and feel hopeless walking in confidence. You see, my new insight lets me see that many roads lead to the same destination. Our misery is ma…

Is this a disease or not?

I have believed that addiction is a disease. I have believed that it wasn't. Objectively I know people who are clean who say that it is, and that it isn't. Clearly, whether it is, or that it isn't, has no bearing on whether we get clean, or don't. However I do know the power of belief. I do know this it is a fact, that we can attach our own meaning to the events of our lives. This attached meaning and belief is only correct, I believe, if it is useful for us constructively. The other day I spoke to someone who inspired me and I sat and wrote this. 

The universe views my life through a telescope. The heavenly vantage has a unique view on facts that are today to be true. The me who used to use, even socially, in society is never coming back. The habits which created that character never made it to the hereafter. Here after I calmly look gifted celestially, how God the Potter molded me, to this creation he created in me. I once was a boy who thought he was a man who practi…

My Story 3/16/2018

I went to give my story. This story/message is about an hour long. It was my first time taking other messages I've delivered and putting them together. It was also the first time I've had notes with me to use. If you have time check it out!

Here is my reflection on it with the help from some mentors.

        1) I did well at keeping the audience engaged.         2) My energy, voice and gestures were very natural and authentic.         3) My transitions were okay.         4) First time using notes helped keeping the speech moving in the right direction.
        1) Practice a more dynamic introduction.          2) Watch filler words.          3) A poster or projector with slides on lessons learned would be beneficial.          4) Have a crystal clear purpose linking events as they are stepping stones to success.
If you have some constructive feedback on it too, I'd love to have it.  My purpose for this engagement is to connect authentically with the audience using engaging stories of …

Recovery, Indifference & Nutrition. 3 strategies to win.

Caring. There were many days I woke up and just didn't care. My confidence calmly commanded my lips to lie. The lie of indifference. I didn't care if people stared. It didn't matter if there was a hereafter. I didn't mind if you weren't kind. Worst possibly, I really didn't care about, me. 

There are many things I used to remain indifferent on. Things like the music I decided to listen to. Food I chose to eat. Even the actions I determined to use.

The Lie of Indifference
Yes and no always come in a pair. When we say yes to something, we are by default saying no to something else. Likewise this works the other way as well. When we remain indifferent we are still making a yes and no decision. This decision is chosen on our values. If our core values are comfort and pleasure, subconsciously every decision we make will be made on these two values. Being how people are typical to go toward the path of least amount of resistance and pain, comfort and pleasure are usuall…

The Battle Within

"The beginning of wisdom is the moment we become truly honest with ourselves." 

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