3 benefits of reflection after heroin.

I do a lot of reflecting on my life. Like my mistakes, my misunderstood mishaps and all the mischief which materialized in my life until its demise. When I look past my minds eye into my history, I dissect it into pieces smaller than an insect. I inspect each story in the eye of my mind. I believe it is important to reflect. When we stare in a mirror we are looking back into ourselves. I enjoy learning from who I was; it helps me understand who I am. From heroin to reflection. This is a key part that separates who I am, from the person I used to be. For anyone struggling with a mysterious or mischievous history, I believe whole heartedly, by applying this skill you can recover successfully. However, this door can not be unlocked by anything other than, honesty.

Let's pause from the poetics. You're probably thinking "There is no way reflecting on my life will keep me from my addiction." You might be right. Check this out though. There are a crazy amount of benefits from learning from our past. After you've read some of these benefits maybe you might think different.

First off I want you to know that everything in our lives is designed for our personal improvement. From the moment we are born we are learning and growing. In history, humans have been progressively learning. When we are in good relationships we are growing. We naturally enjoy teaching people the things we know. It's part of how we are made. Once we learn the lessons Life is teaching us, we get to move on to the next stages of life. Now on to these amazing benefits!! Get excited, this is good stuff man!

The number one benefit by honestly looking back in our history is that we gain deeper insight into our thoughts, feelings and experiences. When I started this process it was like the heavens open up and the orchestra of Gods kingdom was playing just for me. Remember in my last blog when I wrote about those "I get it now." moments. I'm telling you, it's a cool experience to honestly recall our thoughts and feelings of our past. We can see that our perspective shaped the experience. If you've ever heard the saying, "Experience is the toughest of teachers, it gives the test first and the lesson after." You will know it's true. It's friggin' cool man. Once we get this deeper insight we reap will the second benefit.

The second benefit is HUGE for people like me who keep making the same mistakes over and over. We begin to learn from these mistakes and experiences and are able to break the pattern of habitual behavior. To learn from these experiences we just have to ask questions like; What can I learn from this? How is this situation going to make me into a better person? or, What can I learn to make this situation less stressful next time? I'm sure you've heard this quote by Albert Einstein, "We can't solve problems by the same type of thinking that created them." This shift of thinking catapults our lives and sends us directly into the third benefit I'd like to share with you.

After gaining insight, and learning from our experiences, we arrive to benefit number three. We gain a new elevated perspective and understanding on our lives and others. With understanding come patience. We are better able to respond calmly to situations that used to frustrate us. With insight into our old behavior patterns and how we think and feel, we will learn tactics to manage our emotions and help construct our lives. With this understanding and perspective, we are able to look down from our new height and plan for obstacles and opportunities in advance. Now that's interesting man.  

A majority of my blog is currently me sharing my experiences and learning from them. When I replay these instances I am able to gain deeper insight into who I was and am. I am able to learn from these experiences. It even helps to reinforce the good habits I have today. The more people I talk to, the more I see that we all seem to go through the same format, different stories. Just as a good book has an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.  So too, does our individual lives have stages. There is a curiosity, understanding and patience that comes with this. 

I resolve we need to be as active as we can in our stories. If we strive to reach new stages of our lives, while remaining interested in others, we will no doubt mature into the men and women we were created to be. For more information on being more engaged in your life check out IQMatrix. It has great info on personal development.

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