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5 reasons why exercise is a necessity in recovery.

Once we have decided to remove ourselves from a destructive relationship or habit we are left with a void. If we aren't careful this hole will mole deeper into our soul. Often the stress is higher than before. We've stepped onto the floor of uncertainty. The past was familiar and the present is a stranger. Worse yet, we are at many times, bored. We spent much of our movement motivated by our other half. That person or addiction that consumed us to the point of facelessness. Now we are staring into empty blocks of time with this insidious question. "Now what."

The first necessity I referred to in my blog The Detox is exercise. Why is this the first necessity? Well...If we aren't careful with this time it will leave us alone with our own thoughts. The enemy within will begin using our own insecurities against us. The best thing I did during and after rehab was work out. I stayed busy. There are many benefits to exercise other than filling time. Here are a few.

This p…

3 benefits of reflection after heroin.

I do a lot of reflecting on my life. Like my mistakes, my misunderstood mishaps and all the mischief which materialized in my life until its demise. When I look past my minds eye into my history, I dissect it into pieces smaller than an insect. I inspect each story in the eye of my mind. I believe it is important to reflect. When we stare in a mirror we are looking back into ourselves. I enjoy learning from who I was; it helps me understand who I am. From heroin to reflection. This is a key part that separates who I am, from the person I used to be. For anyone struggling with a mysterious or mischievous history, I believe whole heartedly, by applying this skill you can recover successfully. However, this door can not be unlocked by anything other than, honesty.

Let's pause from the poetics. You're probably thinking "There is no way reflecting on my life will keep me from my addiction." You might be right. Check this out though. There are a crazy amount of benefits fro…

Lessons learned during my sabbatical.

What do you do when you have a 10 year gap in your job history? I put on my resume that I went on a sabbatical. It got me the necessary interviews and was a great conversation starter. They'd say "Tell me about this sabbatical." Then I'd respond, "Well I did a lot of drugs, made a lot of bad decisions, but I learned a lot about myself." Here I discuss 3 values I learned while going through my sabbatical.   

"Ah...I get it now"

There are a couple moments where I distinctly remember receiving a new perspective on life. It's mysterious to me that there is superficial and deep meaning to many concepts. Those instances when time pauses briefly and allows us to look up and say, with the utmost awe and respect, "Ah...I get it now." 

For instance when I realized I had to get clean on my own. When I understood it was my problem, not OUR problem. I always knew that, yet I never really KNEW, until I was still using in a city miles away from my wife. I believed without her I wouldn't get high. Then in a hotel in Tampa Florida, I spent the last of my money on more crack. This time it was accompanied by a bold awareness that it was only my motivation, and my decisions that got me there. It was then that movement slowed to allow me to look up and say, "AH...I get it now."

The other day I was listening to Brendon Burchard tell his story on YouTube. There he coined the phrase "Mortality Motiva…