The Resilent

YO! You want to build your resilience? You want to be able to in those moments of suck rise and say I got this? Make it a habit. How do you make a habit? Repetition. Now it's time to commit to grit. Try this work out. Carrying heavy things up hills and sprinting 7 or more times will bring you to that point. But why do we need to develop resilience?  

Physically healthy people are better able to recover from injury and illness, and the mentally healthy are better able to bounce back from trauma and stress. This is what we call resilience.

We all have levels of resilience because we all experience stresses in life. Like High School, being parents, deadlines at our jobs; trying to lose 50 - 100 pounds, battling addiction or depression.

Why though are we able to overcome some of these stresses and not the others? How can we?

You know I like to lift weights. I know that squatting 400 pounds right now isn't possible. I can squat up to 350 though. If I want to be able to squat 400 I have to squat more often. 

Likewise to build resilience we must train it. I believe there are two key components that if we improve, we will develop stronger levels of grit. Gratitude and Physical Endurance.

On Gratitude

It's hard to be fired up about the future when we are pissed off at the past. The remedy for that is gratitude, everyday appreciating the things that we have. 

Make a list of 3 things you appreciate or 3 reasons why you are thankful for something then stop for a moment and imagine what life would be like with out it. Feel true appreciation for life. Make this a habit. It is much easier to move through the tough parts of life when we appreciate the life we have.

On Physical Endurance 

When we do things in which we have to endure there are more benefits than you might think. Our memory improves, our hearts get stronger and our mentality changes. That's the coolest thing. Find something that is tough, walking around the block, running a mile, or a hard workout. If cardio isn't your thing? If you hate cardio and prefer to walk, add a pack on your back and burn some extra calories. Maybe try a Go Ruck. It also will improve your posture. Yep. So if you are one of the many people who sit at a desk way too much, rucking may be for you! Let's get off our a$$ and build a body that will last.

On Rucking

Simply stated, walking with a weighted back pack.  I recently went on a 12 hour GoRuck Tough in Cincinnati. It was prohibition themed so we learned a lot about the history of prohibition and Cincinnati. Now during this particular ruck we were carrying kegs, logs, sand bags and, people. GoRuck hosts many different kinds of events from scavenger hunts, a light 6 hour event called GoRuck Light all the way up and beyond to a GoRuck Heavy which is 24 hours with more weight. Check out more on their website. 

Remember this remedy: It's hard to be fired up for the future if we're pissed off at the past. Lets get off our a$$ and build a body that will last.


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