Forget the fatigue, focus on your form.

One of my clients and I often have deep talks after we train. Well yesterday I trained him. Ha Ha Haaaa. More like smoked him! Well that's what they call it at Go Ruck. So when the Cadre (Ex-Special Forces who lead the event) are smoking you, they are putting you through a brutal workout. Usually all relatively simple movements which after done for a while, totally suck. 

I had my friend Jason sprinting a tenth of a mile with 50# vest on, doing push ups in cadence, more sprinting, mountain climbers in cadence, more sprinting, flutters in cadence while 50# is laying on his chest. Sprinting with a 50# sand bag, 40 ground to shoulders with the bag....well I think you get it. 

Eventually we came to the end of his work out. Every 30 seconds he increases his speed on the treadmill by 1 mile an hour until he can't go any more. I was coaching him to focus on his breath and to think about his form by relaxing and letting the treadmill move underneath him. He did well. After we were finished he said that my advice really helped during the last minute. He said he was all over the place and once he focused he was able to be more efficient. He normally just runs. This was a whole new way of thinking while he ran. 

Then we started talking about the life lessons of training. We got deep bro. 

When we are running on the treadmill and we want to give up, but force ourselves to keep going. When we are tired and are at our limit, struggling to keep ourselves from quitting, our form goes out the window. We need to focus more on the form and less on the stress. The same goes in life.

I believe that the faster life is moving, often we tense up. When life adds more and more resistance, and we begin to fatigue we focus more on the stress than our form. When we do, we get sloppy. It's vitally more important to focus on our form in life when things get moving. What is our form?

Our form is the collection of habits we employ in our lives to get the results we desire. 

With good habits we can shape our character reliable, dedicated, positive, and empowering to others. On the other hand, bad form can lead us into mental injury, physical laziness, and spiritual starvation. 

I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of effective character creation today. I would like us to become more aware of how we are running the race of life. When we begin to notice life is moving fast, when we feel the pressure is on, remember the habits and rituals which got us there. If you pray regularly, practice daily gratitude or positive self talk this is the time to do it more than ever. When things get tough it may be tough not to get so focused on the pain, stress or pressure, however if we are to be the most effective in our efforts we must focus on our form. 

The BA2L is real,
Be addicted to life.


  1. Great motivator. Thanks. I really need to practice this and remember it


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