What is Life trying to teach you?

Yesterday in Toastmasters I gave this speech I titled "What is Life trying to teach you?" (I changed the title from "Pop quiz! Ahh Crap.) Our beliefs need to be empowering. One of my beliefs is, Everything in life is designed for our improvement. This design is set up in the form of lessons and tests. In this speech I explain how I came to this realization after an "aha" moment in the woods of Tampa, Florida. Then how we can learn the lessons to pass the tests.  Enjoy the speech.

In summery, essentially God is trying to teach us through the patterns we live through in life. He wants us to improve and it is through the classroom of life we are being taught. If we don't pay attention in class we won't understand the lesson and we will stay in the same grade. If we are to move on to the next grade we must pass the tests. So some tests are more life changing than others. Like in my life, the transition from drug addiction to rehabilitation. Other times our tests are intermittent during each grade and won't be as significant initially, but are required to move on to the big stage changes. Like the story of me and my car breaking down after the GORUCK Constellation. The best way, I believe, for us to understand our lessons is to be aware of them. By consistently asking the question "What is Life trying to leach me?" we will rise high enough to see the patterns we may be living through. These patterns are signals for us to look more deeply into Life's lesson plan. 

I think I did okay with my energy and being comfortable talking to the audience. It was brought to my attention that I effectively wrapped the points up at the end. That also means that it wasn't until the end that people completely understood what the speech was about. My energy and story telling managed to keep people engaged until the end which worked out, however a change in title and an extra sentence in the introduction would have helped people see the point earlier. If I would of repeated the question, "What is Life trying to teach you?" in the introduction, body and then the conclusion it would have been more effective. 

Also in my introduction I could have gave a clear path preemptively so that people could have been more adequately prepared for where the speech would be heading. 

If you have any feedback I'd love to know! Just comment! I want to be the best speaker I can be so negative and positive comments are all welcome. 

Thank you for listening and reading!

Be addicted to life, Eric


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