Troy Ohio 9/11 Memorial Freedom Climb 2017

Today I live in Troy Ohio. It's an active little town. I love it. I've met some really inspirational people here. I'm going to tell you a little about this guy I know, Joe Stutz.

Joe Stutz is a hard nosed no B.S. kinda guy. I first met him at Anytime Fitness in a class I first started training. I really didn't think he liked me. Honestly I'm positive he didn't much at first. It took a while but the longer I led the class the more we got to know each other. He is the head sniper for Troy SWAT. He's in his 60's I'm sure and is in better shape than the majority of the people on the police force. I mean the guy goes to work, chops fire wood and works out near 7 days a week. Seriously. He sets goals and smashes them. He's hiked the Grand Canyon, has been on countless 1.5 - 2 hour work outs and has done a 6 and 12 hour ruck . This is all just this last year!!! Oh and I'm pretty sure is about to do a GORUCK Tough in Cincinnati with us this year December 1st. Did I mention that he's the head sniper for the City SWAT unit? 

Well Joe, like I said has been coming to my Spartan Group Training class. We train 5 days a week for Obstacle Course Races, Ruck marches, and generally health. I love the community we have. On Memorial Day this year, after doing Murph together, (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run) he and I discussed how it'd be nice to get the Police and Fire Fighters together next year. Then we started talking about 9/11 and the idea was born. Joe had a new goal. 

This is the first year Troy has done something like this. I'm pretty sure the Mayor is going to be there. There is going to be a ceremony. Maybe a helicopter? I don't know, it wouldn't surprise me. Heck I think bag pipes are going to be playing!  Troy High School is really involved, It's been broadcasted on the local news and radio stations. Oh and the shirts are going to be sweet.

Joe really likes cool shirts. This is not your average 5k shirt you wear because you need a dry shirt after the race. NOOOOO, this is your new favorite shirt that you will wear until it has holes in it than stuff to make a pillow out of. No joke. I guarantee that you will see them being worn all year around this town. So.... 

registration is the day of, or you can come into Anytime Fitness in Troy and fill one out. I think its 25 dollars and 100% of the proceeds goto the Local and National Police and Fire Fighter Funds.

If you want to show your support yet feel more comfortable walking the track instead of the steps there will be plenty of people doing that with you. Or you can run the steps with or without a vest if you choose.

You will be running with a laminated picture and short biography around your neck of someone who gave their life that day. That to me is the best part of the whole thing. Remembering those men and women. 

If you'd like to volunteer to show your support the more we have the better the event will be. 

We are opening at 10:00 to start fixing up things.
12:30 to 1:30 registration. 
1:30 open ceremonies. 
2:00 event starts. 
Closing ceremonies at 4:00. 



  1. This is great!!! Me and the boys are planning to come!!


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