Train. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Friday last week I went to a GORUCK Constellation. It's a 12 hour endurance event where you are put in scenario's where there is no order. Here is a video of Dave. He is friggin' cool man. When I met him the first time I was at the GORUCK light in Cincinnati. He walks up with a 24 ounce beer, finishes it. Crushes it. Pulls another one out of thin air and shotguns it. "What did I get myself into." Dave is a veteran who likes to tell stories, isn't ashamed and loves to make people smile and generally feel good. He's very good at that. 

So we are running through Cincinnati, Oh in groups of 10 people trying to stay in the shadows and unseen. We were being taught skills to use while in high pressure situations. 
There are some things that I am good at. There are some things I am not. Like this. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                         #1 I am a morning person. Literally my brain and body shut down whether I am awake or asleep between 10 and 11 pm. No lie I pretty much turn into a zombie. So when I knew I had to stay awake from 9pm - 9am the best thing I could do was stay optimistic. #2  If I stop moving I tend to fall asleep where I stand or sit. This even makes driving very difficult. Down right scary honestly. I can not count how many times I've pulled to the side to do burpees, jumping jack, or to just sleep.#3 I just have trouble making fire. I am patient with many things, however I struggle here. Badly.

No joke though I had an awesome time, met some great people and I do enjoy not being good at things because they are obvious areas I can improve on and I LOVE getting better at things.

This leads me to Saturday. I drove home Saturday morning and went straight to bed. I needed to so that I could enjoy the camping trip I was going on with my girlfriend and my son at the nightmare challenge obstacle course. I got in the car,  fell asleep in the passenger seat and when I woke up I looked over and saw the temperature gauge off the charts. "PULL THE CAR OVER!!!" I screamed. My girlfriend, in a panic, is looking for the nearest exit and parking lot to pull over in. I'm wanting her to pull over immediately. I am cursing and hammer fisting the car door when finally I grab the gear shifter and SLAM the car into park and a screeching stop. My engine, well look for yourself.

Now maybe it was only a coincidence, maybe it was a divine lesson. A reason I think there was a hand involved is because this was a best case scenario for a bad situation. You see, no sooner than I pull over and throw my hat down, cursing being controlled by my emotions a good Samaritan passes and asks if we need help. She gives us a ride to the Kroger wishes us good luck which is one of those reminders that there are good people everywhere. 

Next, after we walk back to my car a cop pulls over someone right behind my car. He asks if we need help pushing it to a safe location and I oblige. As soon as he writes his ticket he uses his cruiser to push me and my girlfriend to safety.   

The cop is still there when my sister and her friends pull up and with care free and loving smile she says, "Need some help?"  They stay with us until we get everything figured out.

Teresa, my girlfriend finds a tow company, yet we don't know where we are going to tow the car. Turns out we are right in front of an auto body shop, so I called the number. The righteous owner answers his house phone and explains that they have a sister company a half a mile away where we can tow it to. 

Get this! When the tow truck driver arrives he said he was going to toe us for free and wouldn't accept a tip!!! Talk about awesomeness.

Finally the experience finished by Teresa's friends giving us a ride to their home about 20 minutes away from the training scene, then got a ride home by her Father the next day.

Image result for scriptures training
I believe that God wants us to improve and become the best version of ourselves. To do that we are consistently in training. However the tough part about this is that often we don't know what the training is specifically. We also don't know when we will be getting our next exam. It's funny looking back on this weekend from a higher perspective. This is what I saw. I am training literally how do deal with high pressure situations during my go ruck. Then immediately afterword I am in the same situation I was training in and failed miserably. I lost my cool. I didn't communicate effectively and all I wanted to do was be out of the situation instead of deal with it logically and efficiently.  During a conversation with my girlfriend I learned a lot from this failure. Actually more from the failure than my training. 

  1.  It is important to manage emotions to be an effective communicator. 
  2.  When communicating during high stress situations speak slow and detailed to avoid miscommunication.
  3. Prepare for long drives and check your fluid levels. Haha 

What a challenging day. Still I have no car and I am riding my bike to work and I'm okay with it. Soon I will have a new reliable car and hopefully a new habit of riding my bike to work. It's something that I've wanted to instill for a while and just haven't. The saying is true, 

"If it doesn't challenge you, it wont change you."  

Train. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Eric


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