What is BA2L?

 What is BA2L and what does it mean to be addicted to life?

Most of us battle some sort of internal adversary. Many times our villain's victories leave behind very visible flags of ownership in the form of destructive habits or addictions. BA2L is to be our reinforcement through this war of the mind to take ownership back. During my 10 years of drug addiction I have experienced many losses and learning experiences. The capacity of our cranium has both the ability to drive us crazy or fuel our creation.  I learned there are strategies and tactics to use while battling the enemy within; and the more we win this war, the more we begin to find joy. It is when we begin to find joy that we become addicted to life.

 "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

To help me stay on point and focused on what I'm doing here is the purpose and direction of my blog. 

1) Share my story with others so they can see that whatever it is that they are addicted to it's possible to find a new freedom.

2) Share my faith. I believe that it is important not to be ashamed or hide that I believe in God.

3) Document my journey. My workouts. And assist others in reaching their goals. 

The BA2L is real,
Be addicted to Life,


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