"Hi. My name is Eric. I'm a recovering addict. I got clean December 28, 2013. I was released from jail/rehab August of 2014." 

This is pretty much how I introduced myself for a while. Even today I don't try to hide my past at all. I lead with it. Primarily because I want people to know before they stumble upon my history or hear stories of my past elsewhere. 

I used to steal. I have many thefts on my record. A drug paraphernalia, obstruction of official business and DUI's. They are all old though. I had to change the way I looked at things.

 “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” 
-- Albert Einstein
When I began my service in AmeriCorps I spent a year through them with Habitat for Humanity, I was told to find my tribe. So, I stayed in the gym a lot. 

First I found a release in CrossFit then Obstacle Course Racing. I love being active. I love life. It isn't easy by any means. It never was. The passion once focused on drugs and it's pleasure is now directed to life and living. Thing is, the two are very contrary. Now that I've realized that I can either have the pleasure first then the pain later, or the other way around I've learned to find comfort in being uncomfortable. Pain is the process in which our rewards come to us. This I believe. 

Stress - Recovery - Growth - Repeat

Just like building muscle I believe character and skills are grown the same way. 

So search out being uncomfortable and find comfort in it. Do things that scare you. Grow.



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