Do sucky things so life doesn't suck.

I have a theory that pain and pleasure are actually the same thing, just opposite ends of the stick. You see I used to live in a manner which sought out instant gratification. I consistently looked to avoid pain, avoid responsibility and generally just take the easy way out. Inevitably seeking this instant gratification led to the loss of my family, repeated visits to jail and some very valuable lessons learned. As a matter of fact I've learned a lot more form the pains of my life than I have from the pleasures. Tony Robbins says... 

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you.

 Pleasure and pain most definitely had a control of me. I didn't understand this relationship. Today I understand how they succeed each other. I use them.
Instead of avoiding being  uncomfortable I search it out,  Instead of evading responsibility  I collide with it. Instead of taking  the easy way out I often  purposefully do things hard so  that it makes doing them easy  that much easier. I believe we  were designed to enjoy  overcoming challenge. We do  not like failure though. It hurts. It  sounds simple, really it is. When  I decided that often failure isn't real; it is often just a lesson learned.

Joe DeSena, the CEO of Spartan Race, preaches that we need to "Change our frame of reference." It's so true. 

After living homeless, sleeping in abandoned houses, on church steps and beaches, when told I was going to move to Troy making a stipend purposefully below the area poverty line, I smiled and said "I'll be fine if I have to I'll sleep in my car."

I'm not telling you to go become a junky and squat in a foreclosed house to find your happiness. Just to think about this relationship between pain and pleasure. 

I believe that growth comes from a very simple process. Stress + Recovery = Growth
Whether we are trying to grow our muscles, our mind, or our spirit, this I believe to be true. So I leave you with this quote. "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Be addicted 2 life,



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