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Train. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Friday last week I went to a GORUCK Constellation. It's a 12 hour endurance event where you are put in scenario's where there is no order. Here is a video of Dave. He is friggin' cool man. When I met him the first time I was at the GORUCK light in Cincinnati. He walks up with a 24 ounce beer, finishes it. Crushes it. Pulls another one out of thin air and shotguns it. "What did I get myself into." Dave is a veteran who likes to tell stories, isn't ashamed and loves to make people smile and generally feel good. He's very good at that. 

So we are running through Cincinnati, Oh in groups of 10 people trying to stay in the shadows and unseen. We were being taught skills to use while in high pressure situations.  There are some things that I am good at. There are some things I am not. Like this. 

Get your R.A.S. on!!!!

I am a member of this awesome club called Toastmasters. It's a club where people share the common goal at becoming better versions of themselves by developing communication and leadership skills. I really enjoy public speaking and believe it's very important skill to have. 
The first one was my icebreaker speech and so it was very similar to my speech at STAR. 
My second speech given here is supposed to be focused on organization. The intro is very long. Being so long some of the transitions are lost or blurred a bit. I have to work on that. Also in the beginning I am super nervous and talk quickly which cause some of my words to be a little mumbled I suppose you could say. 
The reticular activating system, or the R.A.S. is the system that literally forms our worlds as we know it. I'm not going to say any more. You have to listen to the speech yourself. It isn't very long. The camera lady was a wee shaky. Other than that, enjoy!  Let me know what you think in the comments…

The Meddlesome

Meddle: toinvolveoneselfinamatterwithoutrightorinvitation.
Growing up I loved to watch Scooby Doo. Those bad guys would always say, "And I would of gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddlesome kids and their dog!" 
I remember one of the first times I went to jail. I wasn't a junkie yet, I was in there for drinking and driving.Even in jail, I've always gotten along with most people. There seems to be good in just about everyone. 
Then there are those others that are just, well, bullies. Bad apples. 
In jail tobacco is like gold. It comes in through some of the correctional officers, through trustees, and well "suit cased" by inmates getting booked in who know how to squat and cough very well. 
When someone has tobacco people flood the person. They are everyone's best friend until it's gone. It just so happens that often the nice guys will be the ones who have it. Guys that share with everyone. 
This guy wouldn't hurt a fly and was sharing …

Do sucky things so life doesn't suck.

I have a theory that pain and pleasure are actually the same thing, just opposite ends of the stick. You see I used to live in a manner which sought out instant gratification. I consistently looked to avoid pain, avoid responsibility and generally just take the easy way out. Inevitably seeking this instant gratification led to the loss of my family, repeated visits to jail and some very valuable lessons learned. As a matter of fact I've learned a lot more form the pains of my life than I have from the pleasures. Tony Robbins says... 

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you.

Pleasure and pain most definitely had a control of me. I didn't understand this relationship. Today I understand how they succeed each other. I use them. Instead of avoiding being  uncomfortable I search it out,  Instead of evading responsibility  I colli…

Riches, Honor and Life

I like the proverb for today.  For every day there is a chapter of Proverbs for us to read.  31 total chapters.  31 total possible days in a month.  This morning this scripture stuck out to me.  Proverbs 13:10.
"Where there is strife there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice."  It stuck out to me more for what it is saying in the white.  Basically, by saying "Where there is strife, there is pride." In contrast, it is also saying, "Where there is peace, there is humility."   I mean it kind of makes sense.  When we look into other proverbs like Pr. 22:4,

"Humility is fear of the LORD; its wages are riches, honor and life." 
So if these are true then peace comes with humility and part of being humble is being able to take advice.

Proverbs is very interesting throughout.  It is very divided.  The righteous vs. The wicked; The fool or mocker vs. The wise; The rich vs. The poor.  Being so divided however it is very specific on how to…

Superhero Training

Become a superhero today!
Are you ready to step up that training? Wanna kick it up a notch?! This work out is for you! It starts out working on skills needed to fly high in the sky! Followed by Superhero stability training with stability ball squats and finishes with delayed ring swings for those moments when you have to grab someone by the hand and pull them to safety! 
4 rounds of... 5 - Skin the Cat 2 Planche Kicks 5 - Stability Ball Squats 5 - Delayed Ring Swings

What makes a Superhero? Is it only their super powers, or the fact they have an insane ability to conquer their fears, no,  Super Villains have all those too. 
It is virtue that truly makes a superhero.
Superheroes are selfless, courageous, they fight to save lives. They sacrifice their lives daily in training and in fighting for the good of mankind. Even when they have to go against the grain sometimes. Sometimes they are even hated for it. They live lives of integrity. It's like what Colossus says to Deadpool,


My Story at STAR 2017

"Sometimes we have to live through the curse to receive the blessing."
As I've said earlier I am an addict. I've been clean from drugs since December 28th, 2013. That's the day I came home from St. Petersburg, Florida. The day I was arrested strait off the plane and escorted to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

Since I graduated STAR in 2014 I've been back to speak to the future graduates five times to be another example that it is possible to keep clean. Here is the beginning of the speech I just gave.

Sorry the video is shaky and cut short. This is all a learning experience for me. 
Well my story begins with a quote that stuck with me by Zig Ziglar. "It isn't how far you fall, but how high you bounce back that counts." It moves into a brief description of my childhood and, in this setting, focuses on the story of my addiction.

The whole speech is like a story book style. When I get to the part of my recovery I revert back to my …

Troy Ohio 9/11 Memorial Freedom Climb 2017

Today I live in Troy Ohio. It's an active little town. I love it. I've met some really inspirational people here. I'm going to tell you a little about this guy I know, Joe Stutz.

Joe Stutz is a hard nosed no B.S. kinda guy. I first met him at Anytime Fitness in a class I first started training. I really didn't think he liked me. Honestly I'm positive he didn't much at first. It took a while but the longer I led the class the more we got to know each other. He is the head sniper for Troy SWAT. He's in his 60's I'm sure and is in better shape than the majority of the people on the police force. I mean the guy goes to work, chops fire wood and works out near 7 days a week. Seriously. He sets goals and smashes them. He's hiked the Grand Canyon, has been on countless 1.5 - 2 hour work outs and has done a 6 and 12 hour ruck . This is all just this last year!!! Oh and I'm pretty sure is about to do a GORUCK Tough in Cincinnati with us this year Dece…

What is BA2L?

What is BA2L and what does it mean to be addicted to life?
Most of us battle some sort of internal adversary. Many times our villain's victories leave behind very visible flags of ownership in the form of destructive habits or addictions. BA2L is to be our reinforcement through this war of the mind to take ownership back. During my 10 years of drug addiction I have experienced many losses and learning experiences. The capacity of our cranium has both the ability to drive us crazy or fuel our creation.  I learned there are strategies and tactics to use while battling the enemy within; and the more we win this war, the more we begin to find joy. It is when we begin to find joy that we become addicted to life.

 "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."
To help me stay on point and focused on what I'm doing here is the purpose and direction of my blog. 

1) Share my story with others so they can see that whatever it is that they are addicted to it…


"Hi. My name is Eric. I'm a recovering addict. I got clean December 28, 2013. I was released from jail/rehab August of 2014." 
This is pretty much how I introduced myself for a while. Even today I don't try to hide my past at all. I lead with it. Primarily because I want people to know before they stumble upon my history or hear stories of my past elsewhere. 
I used to steal. I have many thefts on my record. A drug paraphernalia, obstruction of official business and DUI's. They are all old though. I had to change the way I looked at things.

 “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” -- Albert Einstein When I began my service in AmeriCorps I spent a year through them with Habitat for Humanity, I was told to find my tribe. So, I stayed in the gym a lot. 
First I found a release in CrossFit then Obstacle Course Racing. I love being active. I love life. It isn't easy by any means. It never was. The passio…