How to be remembered.

I remember the day and place I first heard this scripture. An evangelist from Japan had come to church and used it to paint his point. "Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like stars forever." There is something attractive about, “…shine like stars forever.”

I like to reflect on my life and tell about a time that visually tells a story for quotes like this. However, for me, I wasn’t led by just one person to better living, more so by many. 

If I must give one person the credit it would be without a doubt Jesus, which in itself is a beautiful mystery. However, the purpose of this isn’t to convert anyone to Christianity, only to share my reality. 

There were many people along the way of my waywardness who have lead and guided to me in the direction of the different chapters of my life. Starting with my parents. 

My mom worked diligently to bring as many positive influences as she could into the globe of my childhood. Richard Bigham was a soft-spoken and rugged firefigh…

Lessons from the Black Swamp

Our darkness fosters all of our treasure. It is our darkness in which we are afraid. It is only when we bring light into this abyss, can we realize the potential each of us harness. A never-ending quest realizing we aren’t enough. We are enough because we persist. We are enough because we know HOW to endure. We don’t quit.
The Black Swamp lives in us. It is hidden deep. It resides underneath our ego. What did I do well? What can I do better? Where was I weak? Where was I strong? How was this situation different from before? Our quest begins with questions. After questioning my performance I came up with three lessons that this race taught me about life.

Lesson One – Intention Is Our Ignition
“I know I did well, I just – know I could have done better. I sandbagged on the flats. I wasn’t honest with myself and played it safe.” I thought to myself on the way home from Savage Race Ohio. “I can’t do that. I need to be honest with myself. Next week I have to try and bust.” Over and over I tol…

The Transition Handbook Pt. 1

While I was in transition to my new life this was written. It is the beginning of my journey to where I am today. The Beginning
Days come then go, evening then morning, a new day has come. The heaven at dawn is over, now I will live in the light until the heaven at dusk arrives. The time of twilight truly is surreal. Majestic, magnificent, cosmic and enlightening, to say the least. Two heavens, one light, one dark. We enjoy both of them. We may be blind in the darkness, even blind in the light. Too much darkness, not enough light or too much light, not enough darkness, all benefit our cosmic, our interstellar existence. To enjoy life on all levels. When we gain an appreciation for all creation, we will be perfect. Enjoy your ignorance with no regrets. Enjoy your wisdom with no shame. Live to please and pleasure ourselves, we are selfish. Then we no longer receive pleasure from, from these things. The pleasures of old, we feel a new existence. It is Christ who came to earth. We are no…

The Mayhem on Memorial Day

“Babe, is it hot in here? I think I’m starting to sweat.” I said on our way to the wedding.

“Stop thinking about the race, You’ve been looking at that map and getting yourself all worked up.” My girlfriend replied from the driver's seat.

Days before the race I started feeling the tight stomach and the itchy heart. It’s been a long offseason and today was the beginning. It certainly didn’t disappoint. 

We pulled up to the Jewish Community Center in Columbus, Ohio where Memorial Day Mayhem is located. This is the first of five amazing races in the Ohio OCR Grand Slam. The course is fast and technical. In its 3.1 miles, it hosts 40 obstacles set up in groups. There is a more explosive section with burpees, short monkey bars. and tire flips. A trail run section. Water run, balance section and strength section with undercarriage, log carry, tire pull and rope climb, just to name a few.

As far as spectating goes, there is a great place inside to get out of the sun if need be, a kids course …

Appreciation, the blessing of not knowing

So I'm on my run and I have to explain that I've been nursing this injury for about three
weeks. Yesterday I was able to go out on about a three-mile run and I didn't feel any
pain, so I was pretty excited to go out on this trail run. This time I decided to do some
speed work to give it a go, right? Well, on my second interval I started feeling the pain
come back, so I decided to stop running and just walk back to my car.

I thought about my races coming up and my season and I thought about how the injury
will be fine by then. If not ... Actually I never really thought about if not. I'm just sure it's
going to be fine by then, but I decided to ask myself why this is happening? If it's happening
because God wants it to happen, what might He want me to do right now? I started
looking around and just wanting to love God.

It was amazing, this experience that I had. I just started praying and I started telling God
about how magnificent He is. God the Creator of space…

Tired of the same old thing?

Man the other day I was reflecting on how far I've come in 5 years. I realized it wasn't possible for me to live in this space in life until I learned what I have which has gotten me here. That's the thing. Did you miss it? I had to learn to become the me I am today. Tony Robbins says, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got." I mean it makes sense though right? If you want to be a scientist we have to learn how to be one right?
That's the secret. If you want to be a new you, learn what the new you needs to know. How does this work? Neuroplasticity.
Neuroplasticity is the forming and reforming of the connections our brain makes. New neurons can be formed and new branches of synapses grow. This happens in three stages. Can you guess the first? 
1- When we are first developing at the beginning of our life our brain learns how to work
2- When a brain injury occurs it causes us to enhance other functions when one is lost.
3- W…

The tale of 2 cops

"No Officer." Is said after he asked for my ID. "Am I under investigation?"
"We had reports of two people being in a park after dark." He responded.
"Sir it's still daylight and we are not in a park." If we were in a park after dark shouldn't you had talked to us in the park?" I said.

Another cruiser pulled up. They began trying to intimidate me. I wasn't budging and I wasn't afraid. I knew my rights. I was being respectful. My wife on the other hand folded. She submitted her ID and it was discovered that she had a warrant out for her arrest. They never did get my ID that day.

This supported my belief that cops abuse the ignorance of people who don't know their rights.

"Ugh." My heart dropped into my throat. The red and blue lights were circling behind me. I was speeding. I knew it. I mean I didn't know it until I saw the sign and looked down. It was too late. I had all my info ready for the officer before he pu…